Sunday, January 27, 2008

Narrow Gauge Engines (and two giant steamers)

Here are some steam engine photos I picked up in Houston. Planning on trying to build some of the narrow gauge small engines to run on my layout. Very pleased to find period photos that show so much detail and are specific to Louisiana. The Sunlight is the train my parents brought me on in the 1980's when I was a child, a very fond memory for me, I was a nut for trains as a child. The Mallet engine I'm Giving to Philip because I remember hime saying how much he liked the flat front Southern Pacific Mallets.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008 ...if you've never seen this site, and you love old engravings, illustration, manuscripts, and prints...then you haven't lived. I've been reading for hours at this site. Absolutely magnificent!!! Here's a picture from the site...

I'm catching a rattler today!

"Deep Elm Blues" piano roll played on my 1919 Steiff.
Elm is a neighborhood in downtown Dallas. It's referred to there as "deep el-lum" This 1920's blues song refers to that area and has a great beat too!

Edison Phonograph

Here are some samples of the Edison phonograph at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum playing cylinders from my personal collection at the museum. One cylinder is broken, but I recorded the playable portion and one clip was cut short because of the camera stopping mysteriously.

"Every Mother's Son There Sang the Wearing Of the Green" sung by Edwin S. Porter, Columbia or Indestructible cylinder #846

"Uncle Josh In Society" a comic spoken word piece recorded by Charles Stuart, Edison #10058

"yodle Sweet Rose" Edison cylinder #8438

There will be more of these to come soon.


This interesting derelict building was along the highway that went through Oakdale when Erica and I were driving to Monroe. I spotted it in the woods and had to turn around and get a picture of it! i wonder what it could have been?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coquette of the Sea

Re-worked the image and added some texture per Amie's suggestion.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Coquette of the Sea

"Coquette of the Sea" is the working title of this collage. Just a reminder that if I catch someone stealing my artwork, I will hunt them down and saw their legs off!


Haven't decided on a title for this collage yet. It's one of the collages I'm thinking about putting in the Petit Salon show at Melancon gallery. It's sort of a stream of conscious design, using antique images and a drawing I had made a few years ago that was destroyed in Hurricane Rita. Erica and I drove to Monroe on Saturday to pick up the work from Arender gallery. Brad Arender sent photos back with us for the petite salon show also. I've been distracted with working on model buildings for the Streetcar layout and I will photograph those soon and put them on this blog so everyone can check them out.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Over the Waves

A spastic carnival waltz played on my Steiff Deluxe player!

Red Pepper Rag, A Spicy Rag.

There are some bass notes at the beginning that are due to wrinkles in the roll, but the rest of it plays fine. Enjoy!

Some good images of Lake Charles

Look Into My Eyes!

Probably the best-worst album cover i've ever found.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paris 1900

This is the paris Exposition of 1900. The Edison film shows the moving sidewalk, very intriguing and something somewhat commonplace today.

Columbia Type A Phonograph

This is my favorite phonograph in my collection. It is the first phonograph put on the market that was financially affordable for the general public. It is in original condition, the reproducer is a reproduction as is the horn. It is playing "Cotten" a cakewalk with banjo by Fred Van Epps. The Type A was revealed in the Christmas catalog of Sears-Roebuck in 1896.

Ain't this slick, a hupfield automatic violin player


Bear with me through the intro, the Photoplayer is the real attractio, boy do I wish I could get my paws on one of those!!!

These were used throughout the US to accompany silent movies in medium sized movie houses. The arcade in Lake Charles only had a Seeburg nickelodeon, a small and inexpensive machine, but I'm sure there was probably a few in New Orleans and slightly larger cities. They are as rare today as hen's teeth.

Bizet's Carmen

Cute picture of my mom and Wesley. Love y'all. They are at work in this picture.

My Player Piano, experimental film

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

OH, I also got my Bachman streetcar in the UPS today! Ran it this afternoon and I'm much more pleased with it than I thought I would be!


Ok, so I'm a sucker for punishment and even though it gets my blood pressure up to stroke levels, I've been watching the election. Pleased with Hillary. BUT, I want to say that I am so disgusted with the pundits who keep spouting about the women voters. So is what you are trying to say is that no MAN would vote for a woman? Well...I'm voting for her and I'm a man. argh Charlie Brown!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pride and the proud

This is an experimental digital collage i worked on last night. Not sure where I'm going with these...
Just a reminder, this is all rights reserved by artist and I will hunt you down like a madman if I find out you stole my image.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Taking Photos

About to start taking some pro photos and looking at development and I found this website which seems affordable, I need to remember that.