Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Great(er) Depression

I'm very glad to see a children's film as cute as this set in the depression, I think now is a good time for a film like this to educate children about the hardships they may experience in the upcoming economic depression we may have in the years to come.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Beautiful Despair of the Past

These photos were posted to a model RR forum that I participate in. These color photos grabbed me and I just couldn't believe the beauty of them. I felt like Icould cry, my head throbbed because of the immediacy of their decayed beauty.

My Embarrasment As A Photgrapher

So my sister graduated High School and I grabbedthe wrong camera. These are the only shots that you can see anything. SEE! Even I make mistakes.YEAH??? Well no one asked your opinion anyhow.

This is actually my lil' sis' with the long hair:

And I was also glad the Sulphur band didn't half-ass the music, but they left before the ceremony was over,tacky darlings!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So's, maybe there's a secret bicycle hiding out in some place other than my kitchen. What's it to you? Maybe I'm riding it in the afternoons around my neighborhood for health-type reasons, I don't know why it would be any of your business. Maybe someone like me cleaned a stove tonight that may or may not be located in the vicinity of my kitchen, what?, it's not like stoves gotta be in the kitchens anyhow!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Video Clips Of My New Victor III

"Rag-A-Muffin Rag"

"Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner"

"The Little Ford Rambled Right Along"

"Sugar Babe, I'm Leavin!"

"The Memphis Blues"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flooding In Iowa

After reading comments on news blogs about the flooding in Iowa, sort of reminds me of these words:
Oh, there's nothing halfway
About the Iowa way to treat you,
When we treat you
Which we may not do at all.
There's an Iowa kind of special
Chip-on-the-shoulder attitude
We've never been without.
That we recall.
We can be cold
As our falling thermometers in December
If you ask about our weather in July.
And we're so by God stubborn
We could stand touchin' noses
For a week at a time
And never see eye-to-eye.
But what the heck, you're welcome,
Join us at the picnic.
You can eat your fill
Of all the food you bring yourself.
You really ought to give Iowa a try.
Provided you are contrary,
We can be cold
As our falling thermometer in
DecemberIf you ask about our weather in July.
And we're so by God stubborn
We can stand touchin' noses
For a week at a time
And never see eye-to-eye.
But we'll give you our shirt
And a back to go with it
If your crops should happen to die.
Farmer:So, what the heck, you're welcome,
Glad to have you with us.
Farmer and Wife: Even though we maybe never mention it again.
Townspeople:You really ought to give Iowa
Hawkeye Iowa
Des Moines,
Mason City,
Clear Lake
Ought to give Iowa a try!


Sunset in Roberts' Cove

St. Leo Church

The germanic cemetery in Roberts' Cove

St. Leo's again
The gate leading to the small chapel (view hidden behind a post)

This column in Rayne Cemetery

"Mother" also in Rayne cemetery

Gerites and Yolande in Rayne Cemetery

one of the smallest churches in Louisiana
A view of the interior of the tiny chapel.

Erica next to it for scale comparison.

"5 plots, 2 with vaults"

Friday, June 13, 2008


That is one of the most unusual names I have ever heard!!!
Above is a beautifully carved column from the turn of the century. Below is the oldest tombstone we could find in the cemetery....1811!

She actually named her son and/or daughter COPPER?!?!?!?
The sailor above died in 1960.

I would love to look that cocky on my tombstone when I pass on!
Another unusual name!?!?