Sunday, February 24, 2008

news around town

While on my way to check on the museum on Sunday, I was shocked to see this scene on the side of the street. This happened friday night on the corner of Ethel and S. Ryan, apparently someone fell asleep at the wheel, or was drunk, and ran off the road and slammed into this lonely little shed. But they didn't just hit it, they apperently went through it dukes of hazzard style. Scattered contents were strewn on the other side ofthe hole and the west wall was drug about 10 feet from its original location. Apparently soemone came and hauled them out of the mud from the look of the tracks. Strangely enough,the neighbors I talked to didn't hear a thing. I guess they were just far enough away to not hear it. The real shame is that one of the neighbors said the shed had been built around 1892. I can verify that it is pre-1910, due to the wood shingles covered with rusted tin. Due to the 1910 fire, all homes and outbuildings had to have non-flammable roofs from that year on, and many people just covered their wood shingles with tin, tarpaper, or slate to adjust to code.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Le Petit

If you're in Lake Charles,and you haven't seenthe Le Petit Salon Show at Art By Melancon Studios,then you should go check it out.

Friday, February 22, 2008


i'm really thinkingabout building that steamdummy and streetcar, Ithink I might build it really tiny like it's somesort of experimental streetcar from 1880and use the bachmann passenger trucks for the passenger car. That could work.

So, I've been busy lately, what's it to you?

Here's some pictures anyway. My spacebar has been broken so it's annoying to type fast. I might juststopusingitaltogether!,isthatconfusing?Maybe[I[could[learn[to[use[a[different[key[instead[ofspacebar.Nothatsucks. Anyway...onto pictures....