Monday, November 26, 2007

A Sadder World

I saw on the news that they found the bodies of princess Anastasia and prince Alexi of the Romanovs. They were buried a short distance from the rest of the family for an unknown reason. The world is a little darker and sadder today. A little bit of hope and mystery are gone and solved and cold as those bones buried in the permafrost in Russia.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


All these can be seen at the amazing blog Paleo-Future. Check my links section.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hurry up with that damned turkey, we gots to go shopping at JCPenney's

So Thanksgiving is over and I'm not stuffed. I feel good. Preparing for the gallery opening at Gallerie Melancon and for our opening at the museum of Pat Gallaugher's work. Thanksgiving is now officially losing out to Christmas. Lots of stores are opening on thanksgiving day instead of Black friday to beat the holiday rush. That's retarded. Next year "after thanksgiving rush shopping" will begin the day before turkey day and soon Halloween will be the start of the Christmas holiday. ARGH. I feel more like Charlie Brown everyday. Oh the angst.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Drive to Monroe and back again.

I hate driving at night. Some joik always tailgates me with his brights on. Hauling his four-wheeler from Ball to Pineville. A-hole. Erica and I went to Monroe today and dropped off our artwork for the "louisiana's finest" show at the Brad Arender gallery. He's a swell guy, when I get his link up, make sure to visit his website, or even better if you are in or near Monroe Louisiana, drop in on him on North 2nd. I think I am having trouble with my night vision.
On another note we also visited the Biedenharn Museum and the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe. I also introduced Erica to the small chapel in Columbia and the Columbia cemetery built into the hilltop in the center of town. We stopped and ate dinner on th way home in Alexandria at Copeland's. Hadn't ate at a Copeland's in a while and i must say the food, and the service were superb. I can't wait to eat my leftover crabcake!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Night

So another workday, I'm still feeling sick due to the weather change and an infection that just hangs around like an unwanted curr. Nothing that exciting happened today. Here is another piece of the sheet music I just acquired. This is a rare one and if you aren't familiar with "jake" , here's an article about it... ...and an excerpt from that article after the photo...

Early in the year 1930, newspapers in the American South and Midwest began to report on a strange new paralytic illness that was affecting relatively large numbers of individuals. Victims of the disease would typically notice numbness in the legs, followed by weakness and eventual paralysis with "foot drop." In most cases, this was followed within about a week by a similar process in the arms, resulting in many cases in "wrist drop." The disease was rarely fatal, but recovery was very slow and in many cases the damage to the nervous system left the patient with permanent disabilities.

Although the affliction resembled other neurological problems, such as Landry's disease and anterior poliomyelitis, the symptoms did not conform exactly to any known condition. The number of cases of this mysterious ailment reached epidemic proportions over the course of 1930 and 1931, eventually affecting an estimated tens of thousands of individuals in many states, from New York to California.(1)

It did not take long after the first appearance of the illness to link it to the consumption of fluid extract of Jamaica ginger, commonly referred to as "Jake" by many who used the product. This paper examines the ginger extract toxicity episode of the early 1930s, with particular emphasis on the role of pharmacologist Maurice Smith of the National Institute (now Institutes) of Health in solving the mystery of the poisoning.

"Hurry On Down:A Celebration of the Life of Nellie Lutcher"

Here are some images of the show I put together at the ICM for our Nellie Lutcher exhibit. The pics are of the sign-in table next to the entrance, the entrance greeting sign and Nellie's traveling wardrobe trunk and her pink dress that she wore on "This Is Your Life" in 1952.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Night

This is an image from some sheet music I acquired this past weekend in Winnie Texas...

Well, worked today, watched Project Runway's new season start. Was really dissapointed the hippy-dippy goofy designer didn't get kicked off. Alas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Photo Accepted...

Here is the photo accepted into the show. It is a digital collage done in photoshop.

Welcome to the new blog....

So, today for no reason, I've decided to start a new blog. Who know what will be in store for any wayward reader...My first announcement today is my acceptance into a show of Louisiana contemporary photography which I recieved today. The opening for the exhibit will be the day before thanksgiving in Monroe. Really is a treat for me, I've never really shown much photography, and it is experimental work I started this year. So here is the postcard...