Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday at the museum before the Spagnoli Show

Well, today is tuesday and we have been unpacking the spagnoli show. the attic sale was a success and we raised twice the dollar amount we had set for our goal. We are thinking about throwing another one in the spring.
The Spagnoli opening is friday from 7-9 pm. The gallery floors were refinished thanksgiving week and we spent monday repainting the floortrim. They really mussed it up with wax and floor stripper and took a lot of the paint off of the quarter round. That kind of hacked me off, but the floor needed it.
Erica has been hanging out with us a lot and we went to Hackberry and Cameron searching for hurricane damaged wood on Sunday. We are going to use it to make frames for her show in the spring. It will be in the library of the museum. Well the rest of this week is just hanging the Spagnoli show.
Looking forward to Saturday though we are going to Houston with Randy to look at a phonograph...and do some extra shopping maybe?

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