Saturday, November 17, 2007

Drive to Monroe and back again.

I hate driving at night. Some joik always tailgates me with his brights on. Hauling his four-wheeler from Ball to Pineville. A-hole. Erica and I went to Monroe today and dropped off our artwork for the "louisiana's finest" show at the Brad Arender gallery. He's a swell guy, when I get his link up, make sure to visit his website, or even better if you are in or near Monroe Louisiana, drop in on him on North 2nd. I think I am having trouble with my night vision.
On another note we also visited the Biedenharn Museum and the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe. I also introduced Erica to the small chapel in Columbia and the Columbia cemetery built into the hilltop in the center of town. We stopped and ate dinner on th way home in Alexandria at Copeland's. Hadn't ate at a Copeland's in a while and i must say the food, and the service were superb. I can't wait to eat my leftover crabcake!

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