Monday, April 28, 2008

Festivale De Internationale in Lafayette

Greg Stratton and Heather Ryan Kelley

Heather Ryan Kelley and Me

Bassist for Terence Simien

Amie J. Herbert and Taylor Clement

Aaron Thibodeaux was a volunteer announcer through Codofil

Jackson Herbert dancing in the street.

Jackson throwing bottle caps in the street.

Amie J. Herbert and Justin Ruttley

Blake Soto and Tiko Soto

Les Breastfeeders

The crowd on Jefferson St. taken from the VIP box.

Eric Prejean

Aaron "word" Thomas and Meagan Horn

Aaron, Eric, Jackson, Mark, and Meagan taking a break.

Blake Soto

View of "Fais do-do" stage

Les Breastfeeders

les Breastfeeders

Tambourinist for Les Breastfeeders

Terence Simien singing

Terence Simien and washboard players.

Tay and Blake two-steppin

Jackson gets a bird's eye's view of the Burning Spears on daddy Mark.

les Breastfeeders

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