Sunday, August 17, 2008

WOO HOO, found info on one of my radios! AND it's a rare one!

Crosley Radio Corp.
Model 53 - "Mate"
Crosley introduced an entire line of "Repwood" radios in 1931. All were given "nicknames" to go along with their official model number. Table models, like the "Buddy Boy" were popular, however console models are seldom seen. Shown is the Model 53, or the "Mate," a miniature console that is only 30" tall. The chassis was a small five tube TRF using three 24-A tubes, a single 45 output tube and an 80 rectifier. The Crosley Dynacone speaker was allowed to hang on a hook behind the grille. The "Mate" sold for $79.50 in 1931. "Repwood" was Crosley's trade name for the wood and binder combination that was compressed and molded into trim pieces, panels and cabinets.

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