Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Erica and I drove to St. Francisville and traveled through Baton Rouge and down River Road to take photos and to visit plantations. It was a really nice relaxing Sunday. Erica showed me a new way to get to St. Francisville on the Atchafalaya levee along these dirt roads to the ferry in New Roads to cross the Mississippi. These are some of my photos from that day strung together into a sort of photo essay, witht he exception of the fact that the last photo should really be the first photo. It shows the ferry crossing at New Roads. Click on the pictures to see a nice detailed large image!

Old home in St. Francisville.

Grace Episcopal church, St. Francisville, Louisiana. Pre-Civil War church and cemetery.

Grace Episcopal cemetery, St. Francisville

The Myrtles, St. Francisville Louisiana

Taking pictures with Erica of the haunted mirror in the Myrtles plantation, St. Francisville.

The oldest church west of the Mississippi, built by the first cajuns to come to Louisiana in the late eighteenth century. The records of the Acadian exile were kept there from the 1790's on, a proud and sad place.

Nottoway plantation in the early winter evening.

Crossing the Mississippi river by ferry in New Roads Louisiana

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